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Smart Prepaid offers you the best coverage and rates!

 Jump in Sim with LTE

Jump In Sim with LTE

Open your life with the bigger and better Jump In Sim for only P15! 2 Days free unlimited texts to all networks

 Jump in Sim

Jump In SIM

For just P15, get an initial FREE:

  • P15 load
  • 35 Free SMS to all networks
 smart prepaid sim


Enjoy SMART’s best call, text and mobile internet packages in the new Prepaid SIM!


SMART Prepaid LTE Micro SIM

The Micro sims fit both regular cut and micro-cut LTE phones such as the Galaxy S4, Xperia V, Ascend D1, Lumia 920, or the ZTE 82.

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SMART Prepaid LTE Nano SIM

The Nano sims fit the phones that require a nano-cut size sim such as the iPhone 5.

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  SMART to SMART network
 SMART to other networks  International
 Calls  P6.50 per minute  P7.50 per minute  $0.40 per minute
 Texts (SMS)  P1.00 per 160 chars  P1.00 per 160 chars  P15.00 per 160 chars
 Texts (MMS)  P1.00 per msg  P2.00 per msg  P20.00 per msg
 Text (Roaming)  P20.00 per msg  P20.00 per msg  P20.00 per msg
 Browsing  P5.00 per 15 minutes  N/A  N/A